Sunday, April 25, 2004

IP-MoU: Getting Started

The IP-MoU website launched earlier this week and the momentum surrounding this activity is starting to grow.

The IP-MoU is an international consortium of IP-based service and application providers intent on quickly realizing the promise of interconnecting ubiquitous IP communications. The IP-MoU will adopt and implement common principles designed to promote three primary objectives:

Promote the interoperability, interconnection and ubiquity of IP-based service and applications.

Establish processes to ensure that IP-based services and applications comply with local, national and international laws and social objectives such as:
Emergency Response; Law enforcement; Access by persons with disabilities.

Ensure that consumers worldwide are assured basic rights as users of IP communications:
- Freedom to Access Content: Consumers should have access to their choice of legal content;
- Freedom to Use Applications: Consumers should be able to run applications of their choice;
- Freedom to Attach Personal Devices: Consumers should be permitted to attach any devices they choose to the connection in their homes;
- Freedom to Obtain Service Plan Information: Consumers should receive meaningful information regarding their service plans; and
Protection of Consumer Privacy: Consumers should know that their personal information is safeguarded, except to the extent necessary to abide by law enforcement obligations.

The next meeting will take place at April 26th.

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