Saturday, June 19, 2004

Vonage grabs Country Code 0?

According to Jeff Pulver's Blog:

The Jeff Pulver Blog: How can I dial FWD(R) from Vonage?

"How do I dial Free World Dialup from Vonage?"
The answer is:
As long as you have international dialing enabled with your Vonage account, just dial: 011 0 393 FWD_Number.

This is very interesting and funny:

Fact: Vonage hi-jacked CC 0 for Internet use and assigned NDC 393 to FWD.
Nice try ;-)

The idea is not new and has been discussed in ITU SG2 various times,
but normally more decently requesting only a 3-digit CC for this purpose

Going directly for GoC 0 is heavy.

Do they already have requested a delegation in from RIPE?

How are NDCs assigned (first come, first served by Ed Guy's speadsheet?)
Is CC 0 fixed number length or variable?
How are 5-digit FWD numbers dialed? with a 0 in front?

BTW: How is sipphone now reached via Vonage?
Via 011 0 747 xxx xxxx or 011 1 747 xxx xxxx or 011 0 1 747 xxx xxxx

And Michael Haberler gets a nice one for at43: 011 0 011 xxxxxx ;-)

Now seriously:

If you look at the FWD webpage, you find the following information
on peering:

Partner Service Provider Access Numbers

What a mess. Consider now more then 1000 operators.

First you need to renumber and go for 4-digit numbers.

This trunk dialing between providers reminds me of the days in 1950 on trunk dialling before the introduced "Trunk Auto" (which means you could dial the same trunk code all over a country and not had different trunk codes in every city to reach another city).

Finally in 1970 they did the same internationally and called it International Subscriber Dialling (ISD) and defined it in CCITT Blue Book E.29, This developed until now to (guess what) ITU-T Rec. E.164.

I hope to get this back on track will not take another 50 years. We could somewhat shorten this time by using directly existing E.164 numbers. e.g. with ENUM (surprise, surprise)

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