Tuesday, September 21, 2004

ITU-T Ranking Economies by Broadband Penetration

ITU-T released the latest report, "The Portable Internet" in conjunction with ITU TELECOM Asia 2004, which was held last week in Busan, Republic of Korea.

In the ITU Strategy and Policy Unit Newslog an extrect of the report can be found, showing the leading 15 broadband countries.

It is quite inteesting to compare this new statistic from January 2004 with the one from 2002.

The 3 top ranks are the same:
1. Korea
2. Hongkong, China
3. Canada

Iceland moved up from rank 7 to 4, overtaking Taiwan, Denmark and Belgium.
Belgium and Denmark exchanged places.

8. Japan, moving up from Rank 14.
9. Netherlands, moving up 1 from 10
10. Switzerland, moving up from 13
11. Sweden, moving down from 8
12. Singapore, moving down 1 from 11
13. United States, moving down from 9
14. Finland, new
15. Norway, new

Dropped out are the Bahamas (from 12) and, I am sorry to say, Austria (from 15).

Since all countries have IT and Broadband Strategies, which should catapult the country in the top ten or five, one can only remark "Sorry, some strategies sem not to be good enough".

New ITU rankings are now posted. US is now 16th worldwide. Check out the new rankings at: http://www.itu.int/osg/spu/newslog/ITUs+New+Broadband+Statistics+For+1+January+2005.aspx

Some of my thoughts, for what they're worth, can be viewed on Cisco's High Tech Blog at: www.cisco.com/gov/blog.
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