Tuesday, October 19, 2004

VoIP number range in Germany

After first killing local numbers for VoIP by August 2005 without giving the VoIP service providers an alternative, (and driving Thilo Salmon from sipgate.de nuts) now finally the German Regulator Reg TP announced that the number range 032 will be opened for VoIP. Matthias Kurth, President of Reg TP, announced today that already November 24th (this year!) the guidleines for the number range 032 for VoIP will be announced, after this immediately requests can be made, first assignements will be made in January 2005, if possible (I have no idea what takes two month in this procedure, but this is called "Amtsweg" in German)

The annoncement was made in a Reg TP Forum in Bonn "VoIP - Revolution or Evolution in the Telecommunications market? (BTW - no answer was given on the question in the statement, so we will never know what it is)

It was also announced that the question related to local numbers will be checked again, it seems that the decision by OFTEL to allow local numbers had also reached Germany and caused reconsidering of the original decision.

More information in German:Pressemitteilung: Voice over IP belebt Wettbewerb und Innovationen im Telekommunikationsmarkt

in English: "VoIP fosters competition and innovation in the telecommunication market"

Ein Aha Erlebnis für Reg TP ;-)

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