Sunday, November 07, 2004

New Versions of ETSI Documents on ENUM

Last week both documents currently drafted by ETSI TISPAN WG4 where updated:

ETSI TS 102 172 V2 "Minimum Requirements for Interoperability of ENUM Implementations" may now be considered stable. It is planned to approve the document at ETSI TISPAN#5 in January 2005. It may serve in conjunction with the relevant (and referenced) IETF RFCs (and drafts) as basis for ENUM implementations in worldwide. The document may be updated in one year or so depending on experiences and feedback from first implementations and also if IETF finally catches up with the RFCs for IANA registered "enumservices".

ETSI TR 102 055 "Infrastructure ENUM" now also reaches stability, after some parts have been moved to be covered in a subsequent document. So it may be considered as a framework document covering potential Infrastructure ENUM scenarios. The subsequent document will cover some specific scenarios, e.g. for TISPAN IMS NGN. It is also planned to have this document at least ready for WG approval at ETSI TISPAN#5 in January.

Both documents may be retrieved at

ETSI TS 102 172 markup (doc)
ETSI TS 102 172 clean (pdf)

ETSI TR 102 055 markup (doc)
ETSI TR 102 055 clean (pdf)

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