Sunday, November 21, 2004

SBC - the evil empire and VoIP conspiracy theories 

Om Malik started this dicussion on his blog and Jeff anwered with one of his longest blog entries ever about the cleverness of SBC in taking over the communications world.

The entries got broad attention and also comments anf finally got slashdotted:

Chris Holland writes "Right on the heels of a positive FCC regulation preventing individual U.S. States from levying taxes on VoIP communications, SBC, according to Om Malik, appears to have brought to a quick end the 'lets not pay any termination fees' party that had VoIP upstarts drunk. Jeff Pulver is also sharing his take."

The whole discussion is very interesting and raises a lot of issues, I just wonder if fixed line replacement is really the future battleground. IMHO the real issue is the fight between the "Incumbents" and the cable operators on Triple Play and also the fixed-mobile convergence, taking also the wireless operators in the battle opening another frontier.

Regarding the latter, the recent announcements on real 3G/WiFi mobile phones in Japan should be mentioned, e.g. the one from NTT DoCoMo and (not to forget) Skype's 2-in-1 phone.

I seems only obvious and natural that the little VoIP upstarts are sqashed in this battle between dinosaurs. On the other hand, historically speaking, also here finally the mice survived ;-)

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