Friday, May 27, 2005

Back from a Broadband Development Country 

Finally the VON Europe is over and I am back in Austria having 24/7 Internet access, so I may start to catch up with blogging. Regarding my previous enrty I basically started to try to post on Wednesday evening and finally managed to have it online Thursday noon, so I gave up.

OK, I am used to the fact that WiFI Access in large meeting rooms is bad, because there are always some morons operating their laptop in ad-hoc mode. Same thing happend at the last ETSI TISPAN Plenary.

It is also known that WiFi and Internet access at VON events is shaky and not very reliable. But this time in Stockholm I was cut-off from the Internet for hours and this was the worst experience I had since years.

This was not only Pulvers fault: in addition to the WiFi and VON problems, the ISPs here seem to be offering Internet service like power supply in wartimes only for some hours a day. On Tuesday evening I booked in at the Radisson Viking approx. at 10 pm for 24 hours for a steep 20 Euro. I had access for 20 min and then it was over until after midnight. I had WiFI access, but no Internet connectivity. Considering this as a unique glitch, I was idiodic enough to book in on Wednedday again after 10pm, and the same happened after 10 min access. I went to bed after one hour, so I have no idea when the access came back, it worked again in the morning.

Other attendees told me that the same happend at the Radisson Strand and in some other hotels, so it must be a common feature in Stockholm. On Thursday morning at the VON I had Internet access only for seconds and the VON people told me it was the ISP.

One always hears that the nordic countries are ahead in Europe regarding broadband connections, but in these statistics obviously nobody considers up-time.

In addition, Stockholm Arlanda was the first airport that managed to loose my luggage on a direct flight and on arrival. So I had my luggage delivered to the hotel in the morning after.

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