Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Blogging from the VON Europe 2005 

My problem to blog from the VON is very simple: no time. Too many things are happening here and all at the same time: Meeting old friends, making new friends, listing to the presentations and finally visiting the exhibition. Jeffs VON Blur.

I immediately bumped into Jeff and he was really exited to tell me that about 1500 participants from 62 countries registered, also many from Middle East and Africa. There are also over 130 exhibitors. He also told me that he is planning to have two events next year in Europe, one in Spring and the other in Fall.

Update: according to recent figures it is more than 2500 participants

It is now already Wednesday and I have no idea where the time is gone. I am halfway thru writing an entry for Monday about the Telecom Policy Forum on Monday, which I attended the whole day, basically aslo because I also was a speaker, but I did not manage to finish it yet.

I will also not manage to finish it today, because this evening is the already famous Pulver Party ;-)

So stay tuned

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