Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Breaking News: wifi.google.com and port blocking 

I had many discussions with Internet Access Providers such as mobile operators that they will prevent Internet access for VoIP or Skype by blocking traffic. I always said:

"You cannot do this, because either you allow VPNs or you will loose all your valuable business customers needing VPN to check their e-mails. And since this is encrypted you will have no idea, if they are only acessing their e-mail and files or also making VoIP calls."

"And I bet that very soon will offer a VPN service for anybody just to break through blocked networks."

Done by Google WiFi

Or as James Enck says correctly: Offence, the best defence ;-)

From the FAQ:

Will Google Secure Access work at other locations?

While Google Secure Access should work, we have not tested it at other locations.

(you can bet ;-)

Will my corporate VPN still work?

Yes. You can connect to your corporate VPN while running Google Secure Access.

(Double feature ;-)

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