Friday, September 30, 2005

RED ALERT: Neustar and GSMA jointly leaving the Internet and setting up an alternate ROOT 

Neustar and GSMA announced in a press release on Wednesday (completely ignored by the community) with the following title:

GSM Association and NeuStar Sign Agreement to Offer Root DNS Services to More than 680 Global GSM Mobile Operators
NeuStar’s Root DNS service will serve two functions: first, to register domain names under the suffixes “gprs” and “,” which are used to register private domain names that allow operators to retrieve routing information when a subscriber accesses data and multimedia services on a roaming or home network. For example, a U.S. mobile subscriber traveling on business in Singapore will be able to access a video or audio file using their mobile device while roaming on a local GSM network.
This implies that both are ignoring the advice given by the IAB based on RFC2826 to 3GPP NOT to use non-existent top level domain names in private trees because of the danger of leakage.

In addition, the mobile operators will try to set up a complete separate "walled-garden" Internet with the help of Neustar to keep their customers locked in. So you will get a SIP URI such as*

* usable only within mobile IMS networks
Additionally, NeuStar will operate the master DNS root server and provide updates to GRX (GPRS Roaming Exchange) and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) providers, allowing mobile operators to access updated DNS routing information. “NeuStar’s Root DNS service supports carrier-grade reliability and availability, ensuring seamless business operations involving DNS, such as domain name registrations, calls, messages and session processing,” said Jeff Ganek chairman and CEO, NeuStar. “Due to IP-based network convergence, NeuStar’s DNS services will play an increasingly vital role in the mobile industry for data and content services such as multimedia messaging services (MMS), push-to-talk over Cellular (PoC), and IP multimedia service (IMS).”
This is outrageous.

Does not James Enck's quote say all about? ;-)

Stop whatever you're doing...

...and read Richard Stastny's piece on his...

I like this quote from the hhg2g!

My two cents:
Bit harsh, however, as usual, all of your posting is valid.

Nevetheless, This rises some questions:
Will we ever have a homogeneous system?

Can standards, with the rise of "Network-Intependent-Services" ever have one unique system?

Or will companies that go ahead become the winners?

Interesting and detailed look from another angle:
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