Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Riots in France 

There are riots in Paris against "the authorities" since nearly two weeks, spreading over France and also spilling over to Belgium and Germany.

The young muslims causing these riots are basically stating, when interviewed by TV stations: "We just want to be treated at human beings".

Well, ok, no problem with this.

Just one remark: Maybe it would be helpful to behave as a human being and also to treat fellow citizens as human beings.

The young male muslims could also as a starter treat their own sisters as human beings.
See: Dans l'enfer des tournantes (by Samira Bellil)

I agree with your comments. It is a lousy way to get the support of the very people they want respect from. Thugs are thugs, no matter what race or religion, and of course when they gather together they tend to assume a lynchmob mentality. Living in the USA and not having the newsfeed to inform correctly I am amazed from the little I do see that the authorities have not been able or willing to shut it down.
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