Monday, February 06, 2006

FON raises 22$ million from Skype, Google, etc. 

FON has just raised $22 million from Index, Sequoia, Skype and Google. FON is trying to create a ubiquitous global shared WiFi network, by encouraging broadband subscribers to share their connections with others.

They have two models:

  • Be a "Linus" and share your connection freely with others. Other Linus’ can also use your connection for free.
  • Be a "Bill" and charge for your connection. You must then pay to use others connections when you use them. But, you pay substantially less than the $6/hour that the big hotspot providers charge today.

There is a lot of comments on the blogosphere on this, so I do not need to comment on this further by myself, just read, e.g.:

Om Malik: Google, Skype Fund FON
Andy: Skype Google Sequia Back wifi FON
Alec Saunders: FON Raises $22 Million
Martin Varsavky himself: A dream come true
pointing to others writing about FON Rebeca Mackinnon , Dan Gilmor , Ejovi Nuwere , Ethan Zuckerman ,Wendy Seltzer

And last but not least it is of course very interesting what Skype (Niklas and Jaanus) thinks about this dream...

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