Friday, February 17, 2006

IPeerX - the Next Pulver Company 

Jeff's launch rate of new companies is increasing exponentionally like everything in context with the Internet and VoIP. Currently the rate is one per month. After Vivox in September, Tello last month, this month it is IPeerX.

In his own words: Out of the Incubator
IPeerX provides VoIP peering services to link IP Communications networks and route calls around the public switched telephone network. At the moment, IPeerX is connected with more than 130 service providers.
As 2006 seems to be the year that VoIP Peering is coming of age, IPeerX is well positioned to take advantage of this.
Since everybody currently is talking about VoIP Peering, IP Interconnect and Infrastructure ENUM, including the IETF (see ENUM and SPEERMINT), Jeff is again, as usual, exactly at the point.

whatPEERever seems to be the buzz word of 2006.

And what will be the company of March 2006, Jeff?

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