Wednesday, March 15, 2006

VON Day 0 - Innovation by Regulation 

I stayed the rest of the day in the Communications Policy Summit stream. The morning session featured a hugh panel discussion with representatiives from all kinds. Of course the discussion was mainly centered on US internal issues concerning net neutrality. My general impression here is that this dicussion is currently going in circles and leading nowhere. Everybody agrees that a way-out is necessary, but nobody seems to have a clue how.

Very interestimg was the afternoon session on The imposition on Regulation on e-Commerce, the Internet and Affected Businesses. In this session it was clearly stated that the old de-regulation in the 1980 and 1990 was basically very useful and that the current problems where mainly caused by leaving these principles.

Everybody seemed to be really concerned about the current mergers creating a Duopoly and it was stated from all sides that the Internet needs to be regulated to prevent these companies from taking over the Internet and to clearly separate again access and backbone.

So basically the regulator is needed to assure again "Equal Access" both for the consumers and also for the application and content providers, to foster innovation.

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