Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Spring VON Europe - ENUM Now? - The Panel 

So I still owe you a report from the ENUM Now? panel I moderated. As already said in my previous post, I opened up with a short presentation setting the scene.

The first presentation was given by Richard Shockey from Neustar with ENUM - Will it pay. Richard presented a short but excellent overview on User, Infrastructure and Private ENUM. He explained where ENUM stands now, how it can be used as SCP replacement for number portability.

His resumee:
  • ENUM is the core signaling technology for the NGN-Network to Network Interface
  • DNS Caching Servers are the NGN IP-SCP
  • All Call Query - Query on Call Origination
  • All data associated with a call delivered at call set up

and of course his ceterum censeo: No SS7

Next to present was Albert Gouyet VP Marketing and Product Management from Nominum. Since ENUM is DNS and Nominum is providing one of the most efficient DNS software for ENUM, his take on ENUM was also interesting:

ENUM is taking off, it has reached the tipping point!

From a vendors point of view, ENUM is a new platform for telephony applications, to provide cheaper OPEX and CAPEX and simplify the operational processes.

His resumee - 4x yes for ENUM:
  • Yes, as its own function inside networks
  • Yes, as technical issues are being resolved
  • Yes, as ROI is confirmed
  • Yes, as a platform for more than just ENUM - Application-level routing directories
Albert was to be followed by Doug Ranalli from Netnumber, but he had to leave the VON in urgent business, so he sent in an excellent replacement: Glenn Marschel, President and CEO from Netnumber.

Netnumber is a solutions provider with his TITAN platform, so Glenn concentrated in his presentation on the (private) Carrier ENUM implementations using this platform for a number of purposes in the US. The range of applications is quite impressive. Netnumber participated also in the launch of SPIDER (see here).

The last presentation was given by Adrian Georgescu from AG-Projects. Adrian is also involved in ENUM since a long time (recently also in the ENUM launch in Romania). Adrian is also involved in the practical side, so his presentation had the title: Provisioning the ENUM Tree.

His major statements where:
  • ENUM is not an application or a stand-alone product
  • ENUM provides an ultimate number portability solution
  • ENUM provides a mapping between namespaces managed by different authorities
  • Querying multiple trees introduces call setup delays (I will come back on this soon)
  • ENUM cannot be left in the hand of amateurs
His last statement made me smirk: it cannot be he is talking about the telcos here?

To summarize: IMHO the panel gave an excellent overview where ENUM stands now and where it is heading.

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