Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Telecom Italia may sell TIM 

The Financial Times and also the International Herald Tribune are reporting yesterday and today about plans from Telecom Italia to spin off there fixed and mobile businesses and finally to sell off Telecom Italiy Mobile (TIM).

Of course everybody here at ETSI TISPAN (including TI staff) is wondering why? Is it because they simply need the money or do they have a good idea to get rid of the mobile part before it goes down the drain, concentrating on broadband and IPTV in future via the fixed lines?

In 2001 Marco Provera (CEO) has initiated a consolidation of the fixed and mobile businesses to save money and leverage a combined mobile and fixed service.Lars

Is fixed-mobile convergence not so a good idea after all?

Lars Godell from Forester Reseach says: "I think that is being driven by TI's own short-term financial considerations and has nothing to do with the overall trends in the industry".

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