Thursday, November 30, 2006

NTIA approves new .com domain name agreement 

The National Telecommunication & Information Agency (NTIA) issued the following press release today:

The agency retains oversight of .com domain with safeguards to protect consumers, and Internet stability and security

by approving a new .com agreement between ICANN and VeriSign Inc. This allows VeriSign to operate .com until 2012.

But the interesting point is the amendment negotiated by the Department of Commerce (DoC):
As a condition of approval, the Department negotiated an amendment to its existing Cooperative Agreement with VeriSign to address the competition and Internet security and stability issues identified during the review process. Under this amendment, the Department retains oversight over any changes to the pricing provisions of, or renewals of, the new .com registry agreement. Department approval of any renewal will occur only if it concludes that the approval will serve the public interest in the continued security and stability of the Internet domain name system and the operation of the .com registry, and the provision of registry services at reasonable prices, terms and conditions.
So what is left to ICANN?

Update: see also (in German)

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