Friday, January 12, 2007

IPhone - re-inventing the phone? 

I now took the time to watch Steve Jobs 2 hour keynote at the MacWorld in San Francisco.

I have to admit that Apple is really re-inventing the mobile phone. It is really a smooth combination of a super-iPod, a mobile phone and the best Internet hand-held device if have seen, all topped with with a revolutionary user interface.

Go and see yourself.

There is only one point I do not understand: why is Apple making this long-term, exclusive relationship with Cingular-AT&T?

Only because they wanted to have this Visual (Random) Voicemail feature and that you may use SMS like IM?

See also iPhone update: The decisions are all Apple's on the relation between Apple and Cingular.
...and while Cingular had to make sacrifices to its normal distribution and service model to land the exclusive agreement, Lurie said Apple was forced to bend also. Cingular managed to secure an exclusive distribution agreement for the iPhone and future iPhone models, meaning if you want the hot new device you have to become a Cingular customer, and even if you already are a Cingular customer you have to sign a new 2-year contract—no exceptions, Lurie said. Cingular is allowed to take steps to make sure no rogue iPhones make their way to the market. It will lock the phones and take steps to prevent the phones from being hacked. And while Cingular’s data upselling prospects on the phone may be limited today, Lurie said the companies are discussing options to open up the iTunes software and music services up to its mobile network, which could spell more data revenues for Cingular in the future.
What I completely did not understand was that the audience in the theater applauded to this announcement.

For a more detailed analysis of this see Tom Evslins:

Apple fails to re-invent the Telco Industry - too bad
Apple's iPhone Strategy - Readers Comment

Money makes the world go round." - as the song in the film: Cabaret. Even though I think they - Apple - made a mistake this time.
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