Thursday, January 18, 2007

XConnect Begins 2007 with Launch of DirectRoute Service 

A press release from XConnect: XConnect opens its doors to Wholesale Carriers, enabling significant cost reductions on calls terminating to XConnect Registry subscribers.

LONDON, UK, & Honolulu, Hawaii, January 16, 2007 —XConnect, the world’s largest neutral provider of Voice over IP (VoIP) peering services and operator of the XConnect Global Alliance, today announced the production launch of its DirectRoute service, enabling wholesale carriers to profit from Layer 5 VoIP Peering. Some of the high profile customers that have signed up for the service include leading international carriers such as Interoute, Bezeq International, and Touchstone. The announcement was made this morning at the PTC conference in Honolulu, Hawaii, where Kingsley Hill, VP Strategic Federations will speak on a keynote panel on VoIP Peering.

DirectRoute enables wholesale carriers to terminate calls destined for XConnect ENUM Registry numbers directly to the terminating Service Providers’ networks, lowering per minute costs and improving quality by eliminating unnecessary transit operators and associated PSTN/VoIP gateways. For VoIP Service Providers receiving calls via DirectRoute, the service offers a significant source of new revenue; as they are able to to receive calls from wholesale carriers directly into their VoIP infrastructure and to collect per-minute fees on inbound calls.

“The launch of our DirectRoute leverages our unique ENUM Registry and VoIP Peering platform to build on our XConnect Global Alliance TM settlement-free VoIP federations and deliver compelling benefits to both the carriers and VoIP service providers managing PSTN-to-VoIP calls,” said Eli Katz, CEO of XConnect. “We welcome Bezeq, Interoute and Touchstone as founding participants in the DirectRoute program and are pleased to have the support of these recognized leaders within the industry. Wholesale carriers can dramatically reduce termination costs on calls destined for numbers in the XConnect Registry, and VoIP service providers can increase ARPU by monetizing inbound calls to their subscribers.”

Carriers exploit DirectRoute by implementing a query of the XConnect ENUM Registry, discovering which of its calls are destined for registered subscribers and can thus be delivered directly, and at lower cost, into the network of the applicable service provider, without unnecessary transit steps and quality degradation. The query response contains routing information when a number is matched in the Registry or, when not matched, informs the carrier to proceed with their normal LCR routing. The ENUM Registry ‘dip’ is achieved through a SIP or ENUM-Query interface to a local cache of the Registry based upon XConnect’s patent-pending Local Directory Server (LDS). The LDS, delivers carrier-grade, high throughput and minimal latency on queries and automatically synchronizes with XConnect’s central ENUM Registry. VoIP service providers belonging to XConnect’s Global Alliance can join DirectRoute and begin earning revenue with no additional technical or integration requirements.

“Interoute is excited about integrating XConnect's DirectRoute service and to have XConnect join our Arena program” said John Wilkinson, director of voice services for Interoute in London, UK. “By enabling our Arena service customers to seamlessly access the XConnect registry, we expect them to be able to leverage the Federation paradigm to reduce termination costs and deliver high quality service to their end-customers”

“We are excited to begin routing calls to XConnect’s registry via the DirectRoute service” said Nissan Arie, Vice President at Bezeq International, based in Tel Aviv, Israel. “VoIP Peering is a valuable new technology for reducing costs and increasing the quality of service we offer our global customer base.”

“Touchstone is so committed to the VoIP revolution that we dedicate 100% of our efforts to VoIP session management and back-office products” said Mark Baker, CEO of Dallas, TX based Touchstone Systems, Inc, “ we believe XConnect’s DirectRoute is a powerful driver of that VoIP revolution.”

XConnect DirectRoute was recently awarded the 2006 Internet Telephony Product of the Year award.

So VoIP providers also want to participate in collecting termination charges.

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