Friday, May 07, 2004

VeriSign Launches MSO-IP Connect VoIP Routing Service

VeriSign Launches MSO-IP Connect VoIP Routing Service

VeriSign service allows seamless, secure VoIP interconnection for cable operators and VoIP carriers

NEW ORLEANS-NCTA THE NATIONAL SHOW-MAY 3, 2004-VeriSign, Inc. the leading provider of critical infrastructure services for the Internet and telecommunications networks, today announced the introduction of VeriSign MSO-IP Connect, a new service that provides cable operators (MSOs) and VoIP carriers with end-to-end voice over IP routing. The VeriSign service removes the need to route IP calls over the Public Switched Telephone Network, thereby allowing MSOs to connect IP calls securely, and avoid incurring costly toll charges from third-party carriers.

'Cable operators are increasingly driving the growth of converged voice and data services,' said Neil McGowan, senior vice president of VeriSign Communications Services. 'VeriSign MSO-IP Connect provides the missing link that allows cable operators to interconnect their voice traffic over a robust and secure IP network. This allows MSOs to offer customers both cost competitive voice services, and a comprehensive set of content and data services.'

VeriSign has a rich heritage in providing connectivity, interoperability, and security services for both Internet and PSTN networks. Through its operation of both the world's largest independent SS7 network and much of the infrastructure for the global domain name system, VeriSign securely and reliably supports over 12 billion Internet and telecommunication transactions per day. VeriSign leverages this dual expertise to help communications service providers deploy interoperability solutions for new technologies such as VoIP.

The MSO-IP Connect Service offers many benefits that differentiate it from others available today. The service provides a centralized call routing and discovery database based on the ENUM and PacketCable SIP-based Call Management Server Signaling (CMSS) protocols. Unlike other services that only allow ENUM connectivity, VeriSign's standardized interfaces also support the PacketCable SIP-based CMSS protocol, allowing maximum flexibility in obtaining public route information. Through perimeter security management and protocol inter-working, VeriSign's new service also helps secure MSO networks - even with high volumes of telephony transactions. In addition to security, the service also draws on VeriSign's billing and payments expertise by providing complete inter-MSO billing and settlement services. The VeriSign MSO-IP Connect service is available internationally and pricing is based on an annual subscription model.

"The cable industry is poised to add more than 6 million new VoIP subscribers by 2008 to the existing base of circuit-switched cable telephony customers," said Patti Reali, principal cable analyst at Gartner. "Cable operators will benefit from simple, flexible and secure solutions that will help them execute the connection of millions of new customers."

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