Thursday, July 29, 2004

Skype Comes Out of Beta

VoIP Watch: Skype Comes Out Of Beta

With the signing of four carrier termination agreements last week, one with Level3, and others with Colt, Teleglobe and iBasis, Skype has released the first official version of it's Peer 2 Peer VoIP client.

But what's more interesting is the future offering from Skype, to be called Skype Plus that will actually link up a real telephone number to Skype, and their plans to work with cellular carriers and handset manufacturers.

But one weakness seems to be they won't be a PBX replacement, or at least not yet. This opens the door wider for Popular Telephony whose Peerio444 platform is clearly aimed at that market.

Ok, but with Skype a lot is going on the last two month, but Peerio seems to be dead.

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