Tuesday, July 06, 2004

China is going IPv9

What does that mean? 1024 byte addresses?

No, it's 10 digit addresses (in words TEN). No, this is NOT a joke!

James Seng stated in his blog:

I heard of them first time back in 2001. The technology is developed by 十进制网 called "数字域名" which translate roughly to 'Numerical Domain Name". They call it ADDA (All Digital Domain Address) and then later IPv9. (Okay, I laughed back then too so don't hold back yourself ;-)

Even the Germans, normally not world champions in humor, called it:

Bloated ENUM as papertiger

The reason is that they want to use 10-digit numbers everybody can access a web-page just entering the number. This may even be expanded world-wide just by placing the E.164 country code in front. This also solves the VoIP and ENUM problem. You just dial your IP-address.

Hey, I have an idea:

What's the difference between 10-digits and 12-digits? One just enters the IP address directly in the browser and there you go. No DNS query no more, no domain name fees,
no Verisign, no ccTLDs and finally: NO ICANN. Back to the roots.

And no ENUM. No discussions on validation, privacy and infrastructure ENUM. ITU-T assignes a CC to IP (say 999) and you just dial the IP address. Done.

Maybe I should go to an US patent office immediately before some clever Swiss guys do it ;-)

Oh my god.

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