Tuesday, August 03, 2004

OSP going Open Source in Asterisk

For more information on OSP (Open Settlement Protocol) see ETSI TS 101 321 V4.1.1 (2003-11)
Title: Telecommunications and Internet Protocol Harmonization Over Networks (TIPHON) Release 4; Open Settlement Protocol (OSP) for Inter-Domain pricing, authorization and usage exchange

It may be downloaded for free from:


TransNexus and Digium Partner to Add Multi-Lateral Peering Support to Asterisk(TM) Open Source PBX: "TransNexus and Digium Partner to Add Multi-Lateral Peering Support to Asterisk(TM) Open Source PBX

ATLANTA, GA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 08/02/2004

TransNexus and Digium have partnered to add the Open Settlement Protocol (OSP) to the Asterisk Open Source PBX. The new feature expands the already broad functionality of Asterisk. With the addition of OSP, Asterisk users now have the option of subscribing to global VoIP carrier services that use OSP for multi-lateral peering.

'Asterisk is a revolutionary open source platform which brings the reliability of Linux to create a truly unique solution for IPPBX, Legacy PBX, IVR, VoIP Gateway, conferencing and many other telephony features. With over 20,000 world wide installations we have become the Standard in Open Source Telephony. Our work with TransNexus demonstrates the value of two open source projects working together to benefit the community as a whole,' said Mark Spencer the founder of Digium and Asterisk.

OSP, a global standard for multi-lateral VoIP peering, has been widely deployed since 2000 and is broadly supported by major vendors such as Cisco, Alcatel, Radvision, UTStarcom, Veraz and others.

This collaborative effort is an important new development for VoIP carriers who want to increase the gross margin of their wholesale networks. Open source VoIP solutions are a growing trend with enterprise customers and tier three carriers. Asterisk is the market leader for open source PBX applications. The addition of OSP to Asterisk enables VoIP carriers to securely extend their wholesale services to this rapidly growing VoIP market segment. For Asterisk users, OSP is anothe"

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