Monday, November 22, 2004

Why NTT Docomo is not using Microsoft 

James Seng pointed to an interesting reason why NTT Docomo is not using Microsoft as operating system for their 3G/WiFi FOMA phones:

...Joi has a related entry on NTT Docomo isn't using Microsoft for their phones. Could it be due to this? It certainly does not inspire confidence regardless the accusation is true or false. But hey, I have my fair share of such experience ...

NTT DoCoMo made a splash by announcing a new common platform for its 3G FOMA offering that only works on Symbian and Linux phones. The lack of Microsoft isn't just a timing issue -- DoCoMo purposely shunned the software giant. Will they be able to keep it up?

Sendo accuses Microsoft of dirty tricks

In a lawsuit filed late last week, U.K. mobile phone maker Sendo is accusing Microsoft of using the smaller company as a stepping-stone into the lucrative mobile phone market.


Sendo found itself sidelined, the filing alleges:

"Microsoft's secret plan was to plunder the small company of its proprietary information, technical expertise, market knowledge, customers and prospective customers," the filing said. "Microsoft gained Sendo's trust and confidence through false promises that Sendo would be its 'go-to-market-partner'."

The outcome of this lawsuit will be interesting.

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