Tuesday, January 11, 2005

What will you use for your Main Phone Line this year? 

Hi everybody out there - I am back again after an extensive vacation and trying to catch up with e-mails, blogs etc. and to re-sync myself with the current status of discussion on the future of communications. I have only one week time, because next week I will be in Sophia Antipolis at ETSI TISPAN and the week after there will be the Pulver IP Executive Summit 05, and I have a presentation there and everybody is expecting some intellegent statements from me ;-)

My topic is:

100+ Years vs. 10+ Years
Tuesday, January 25, 2005, 11:15am - 12:00
The traditional network supports services that the government has seen as important, such as emergency services, wiretapping, and lifeline services. Should VoIP be subsidizing these activities in the same way? Or should new structures be put in place?

· How have the requirements changed thanks to wireline and wireless?
· What is the expectation for integration technology?
· Are the differences in the countries’ standards forcing delays?
· Will a common infrastructure be needed? How should it be paid for?

Good questions, any answers? (especially for the last one ;-)

Forbes.com is trying to find out what normal people are thinking about this by launching a poll:
What will you use for your Main Phone Line this year?

The results are very interesting sofar:
From approx. 2000 votes
43% will keep their traditional landline
24% will use cell phones (this may by US centric)
only 2% will switch to cell phone !!?
12% will continue to use VoIP ! (Skype?)
and 13% is planning to switch to VoIP !

If this is true, 25% will use VoIP as Main Phone Line End of 2005!

Even if one considers the vote somewhat biased (non Internet users are not voting), this is still astonishing.

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