Wednesday, November 24, 2004

German national VoIP Numbers for German residents only 

RegTP (REGulator for Telco Preference) announced today im Amtsblatt Nr.23/2004 Vfg the rules for the assignement of the national (non-geographic) number range ("Nationale Teilnehmerrufnummern") +49 32 . Although VoIP is not mentioned even once in the whole text, the number range is intended as replacement for the use of geographic numbers for VoIP.

The whole issue started when some VoIP providers (e.g. started to offer Vonage-type services offering geographic numbers in some German Cities (e.g Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, ...). This was killed very soon by RegTP by ordering that such numbers may only be assigned to residents of the city in question. After serious complaints from the VoIP providers RegTP promised to open up a non-geographic number range and to annonce the rules today.

I do not think the VoIP providers are very happy now.

Since the rules are in German only, I will give you the highlights:

1. Numbers SHALL only be assigned to residents in Germany.
2. Also the provider requesting number ranges MUST be resident in Germany.
3. The minimum range of numbers is 1000.
4. Numbers are portable, using the same procedure as geo-graphic numbers!
5. There is no specific charge defined yet, but I assume it will be minimum Euro 500 per 1000 number block.
6. The application required to specify exactly for what services the numbers will be used, a concept how these services will be realized, interconnection agreements, estimated demand, proof of partizipation and concept of realisation of number portability, family name of your grandmother (sorry, the last one was required to get the ADATLAP - the Hungarian Visa back in the cold war times ;-)
7. etc, etc.

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