Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Yankee Group: Alternative VoIP Providers squeezed between Telcos and Cable MSOs? 

Tom Keating has an interesting entry on his VoIP Blog, he is also providing the executive summary of the report:

Yankee Group VoIP Marketshare

Yankee Group VoIP Marketshare

Yankee Group just announced a very interesting report essentially saving that single-play (vs. Triply Play) players such as Vonage, Packet8, Lingo, etc. are in trouble in 2005, as seen in the graph - Blue is Vonage, Packet8, etc. I made a similar prediction in my 2005 VoIP Predictions.

I have also stated various times that providing fixed line PSTN replacement services only is NOT enough for VoIP providers, especially in a shrinking market. What is needed is new, innovative, nomadic and mobile IP Communication services including vioce, video, IM and presence. The future will be personal, mobile, wireless, nomadic and portable communications.

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