Saturday, April 16, 2005

Skype - The Tipping Point - the 3rd 

First some numbers:

James is giving an impressive look at the recent breakdown of Skype users by country (top 20), which Niklas Zennstrom submitted to him, contrasted with the previous rankings and percentage contributions (in parentheses) from October 2004 (keep in mind that absolute user numbers have at least trebled in many countries since the previous reading). He also monitored Skype Downloads crossing the 100 Million threshold on Friday 14th, 2005.

But even more important I consider his post on two enterprises opting for Skype on the same day, one in UK and one in Japan, after reading their mobile roaming bill. I will come back on this in my next rant ;-)

Stuart is adding a really nice personal story on this: The 50$ cuban cigar.

Since the IT-departments in enterprises basically do not like Skype for various reasons, this seems to be a major breakthrough, together with the activities of Skype to go for mobile phones and WiFi hotspots.

The entry on Lock-in Strategies fits nice to the stickiness mentioned in my previous entry on Skype.

Stuarts blog is anyway a must read especially for the poor telco employees having centrally managed laptops to get at least an idea whats going on with Skype, third-party applications and gadgets for Skype, e.g. on conferencing. Take also a look at this nice audio conferencing device for Skype.

Andy has some other ideas what Skype should do SkypeNext, namely offering call forwardings. I fully agree, this is exactly what I am personally waiting for ;-)

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