Tuesday, April 05, 2005

More Lessons on Skype 

After my previous entry on Skype of course some addional lessons or points came to my mind, but most of them are already covered by Stuart Hernshall at the Skype Journal. Here they are:

11: Ignore presence at your peril!
12: Enable access to location based information, and 1000's of innovations will bloom.
13. Eliminate steps, become device agnostic.
14. Think personal, empower the individual; controls in their hands
15. Act like a brand. (Look at Skype and how it spawns ideas; Skype Home, Skype Personal, SkypeOut, SkypeChat, SkypeMe etc. There is no way to register them all.)

I fully agree with all of them, especially with the last one. I had this on my mind when I was writing the entry, but I finally lost it.

Skype has an execellent way to how they launch and market new services, as I mentioned in the text: "Skype is also steadily improving and expanding their service. From pure peer-to-peer on the Internet, via SkypeOut and now SkypeIn and Voicemail."

And each new service is branded with SkypeXXX and it works from day one.

This also brings me back to Lesson 6: Keep it Simple (Stupid). On my way back from Washington I had some time on the airport and ended up at Borders to purchase some more books and one I liked was The Paradox of Choice: Why More is Less from Barry Schwartz. I had no time to read it yet, but what I saw from scanning through is also a message to the mobile operators:

Customers do not want to have so many choices and do not want to sign-up for every tiny service separate. They also do not want to have the choice between 100 different tariffs and bundles, because they permanentely think they have choosen the wrong one and are always a bit unhappy, having the impression that they are ripped off. I will come back to this when I am thru with the book ;-)

Skype offers you only very simple choices, if any at all.

My blog entry was also commented by Om Malik, Andy and James.

James Enck brings my post in relation to the posting of David Kennedy from EURESCOM on The myth of the Stupid Network. which is also commented by Martin in Welcome to planet ZOG.

This post on NGN is exactly what I needed after the last week in Washington, DC. I am keen to comment on this after I have recovered from my jet lag ;-I

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