Tuesday, May 17, 2005

First ENUM-based number range in operation in Austria 

As already announced here one month ago, the ENUM-based number range +43 780 went into operation today. A short decription of the number range is available here. Anybody may register such a number, for available registrars see enum.at

I registered at www.my-enum.at the number +43 780 203 211, the SIP URI is pointing to my fwd-account. The fee per month is 3,60 Euro.

There is only one gateway currently in operation with Telekom Austria, so calls get routed via the international network to Austria. The gateway supports SIP, H323 and also ifax:mailto. Any operator may implement his own gateway.. The call is charged within Austria like a national call.
Update: A second gateway is in operation in Austria (Colt).

On the Internet the number range can be used like any other number in ENUM.

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