Thursday, May 05, 2005

ENUM CC+1 delegation coming soon? 

The Framework Document for a US/CC1 ENUM Trials Program 6003_1_0 was published today by the US ENUM Forum as Released Document. Released Documents have been agreed to and balloted by the full ENUM Forum.

The document was also posted on the new website of the Country Code 1 ENUM Limited Liability Company on the webpage related to the CC1 ENUM trial information.

The document describes a framework for an ENUM trials program within the US/CC1. It gives a picture of how such trials might be conducted using a trial CC1 infrastructure, which is one of some of the possible architectures for implementing US/CC1 trials. The document also identifies some issues that would need resolution before trials could begin. This document is not intended to proscribe anything about trials that might be conducted by other CC1 countries.

Of interest is the trial schedule within the document:

The following schedule is based on the date on which the members of the ENUM Forum approve this document, and is expressed in incremental weeks from that date. It also assumes that the delegation of CC1 has already taken place.

The trial schedule is as follows:

Participants identified +2 weeks
MoU Signed +4 weeks
Trial Begins +6 weeks
Trial Ends +32 weeks
Report generation +36 weeks

This implies IMHO that the request for delegation to RIPE NCC and ITU-TSB should take place IMMEDIATELY and the trial may start somewhere End of June 2005.

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