Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Race to zero? 

James posted today that Swisscom:
... hot on the heels of its flat rate data announcement last week, has today voluntarily cut mobile termination rates by 40%, and also introduced a new subscription tariff offering calls of up to one hour for a flat CHF0.50 (EUR0.32) for the duration of the call - in line with fixed line pricing.

I like the fact that the frank press release cites as motivations pressure from enterprise customers, as well as an observed decline in usage - i.e., consumers know when they're getting shafted and will vote with their feet - at least this company has grasped consumer sentiment.
Maybe they have also read my rant on the rip-off mobile operators do, but they still have a long way to go on their hot-spot charges. This weekend I was in Geneva and the Grand-Pre is also now featuring wireless LAN access in all rooms - until you see the prices. The WiFi LAN is operated by Swisscom and they want CHF 49 ($ 42) for 24 hour access.

No way, I simply do not use it. I can wait for the free access at UIT next day.

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