Friday, May 27, 2005

Skype features I want 

Martin is giving a nearly endless list of features he wants from Skype. Most of them I would agree upon, although there is a danger of complicating the currently simple and intuitive user interface.

What is definitely needed is a better grouping of the buddy list and also a preset conference starting if all participants are online.

One item I really would like to see is an improved presence info. What I miss a a DO NOT MAKE A VOICE CALL, but you may send IM. Or a second button beside the answer call to answer with chat only, so the possibility to turn a voice call into a chat session. Essential in meetings.

I would also like to have some Call Forwardings:
a Unconditional Call forwarding and a conditional on not Reachable (not logged in), although I see the implications if I forward my incoming Skype calls to my mobile phone ;-)

If Skype is going mobile, this feature is essential anyway

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