Saturday, June 04, 2005

Europe: The Situation is Hopeless, but Not Serious 

Patrizia says that the NO in Europe in reality meant:
We want a better life, you promised that Europe would bring us just nice things and look what we had: .... (listing 5 points).
Oh No, Patrizia, fulfilling these wishes would not help, people will still get more and more unhappy.

To understand why, I can only recommend everybody to read the book from Paul Watzlawick: The Situation is Hopeless, but Not Serious (The Pursuit of Unhappiness). For German speakers I would strongly recommend the German original: Anleitung zum Ungl├╝cklichsein - How to be Unhappy for Dummies.

BTW, Paul Watzlawick could also be considered as the Saint of the Bloggers, because his first famous axiom on communication is:

One Cannot Not Communicate

(from Pragmatics of Communication)


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