Sunday, July 17, 2005

Blogging handicapped 

Some may already wonder why I stopped blogging, there are 3 reasons:

1. I am on vacation
2. I am basically cut-off from the Internet (no broadband)
3. my boss is complaining that I still use my laptop too much

Reason 3 is of course the most serious ;-)

Reason 2 is also very bad: I have only access to the Internet via the super QoS GPRS mobile access. This means it is very s l o o o w and also requires a reboot of my laptop nearly every time I login just to check my e-mails. I complained here once about the Nokia PC Suite and Bluetooth, hah. Did not know at this time about Vodafone Mobile Connect. The SW dies everytime my Laptop goes into sleepmode and requires a complete reboot. Nice.

I also discovered a nice surprise in tariffing: I have a Vodafone Broadband Account providing me 500 MB download a month for 39 Euro, which seems resonable. What they did not tell me (maybe it is somewhere in the fine print) that this 500 MB is valid only for UMTS access. If I access the network via GPRS, the limit is only 100 MB. So if you are using GPRS, you idiot, you are punished twice.

Since a customer cannot choose what technology is provided at the location he wants to access the Internet, this is IMHO very near to cheating. I decent company would do it the other way round, apologizing for the inconvenience.

So I have to be careful not overrunning the limit to prevent my poor company from going bankrupt.

So I am stuck to read some books I wanted to read anyways.

The first book I read explained to me that the future of new enterprises is to be customer driven and NOT shareholder-driven. Now I just have wait until the mobile operators get this message.

Ceterum censeo, MO delendam esse.

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