Thursday, July 07, 2005

New I-D: Combined User and Carrier ENUM in 

Michael Haberler and I just submitted a new I-D on Combined User and Carrier ENUM in


ENUM as defined now in RFC3761 is not well suited for the purpose of interconnection by carriers, as can be seen by the use of various private tree arrangements based on ENUM mechanisms. A combined end- user and carrier ENUM tree solution would leverage the ENUM infrastructure in, increase resolution rates, and decrease the cost per registered telephone number. This document describes a minimally invasive scheme to provide both end-user and carrier data in ENUM.

This draft is intended as a potential alternative to draft-pfautz-lind-carrier-enum-carrier-user-00 to be discussed on the list and at the next IETF#63 in Paris.

The basic idea is to split the user and carreir information not by non-terminal or terminal NAPTRs as discussed on the list, but to separate the information by introducing a special domain below the country code layer, e.g.

We gratefully acknowledge the suggestions and improvements made during and after the ENUM Summit 2005 in Maimi by Jason Livingood and Tom Creighton of Comcast, Penn Pfautz of ATT, and Lawrence Conroy of Roke Manor Research.

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