Friday, September 02, 2005

I wonder about the US 

First I have to clearly state that I feel with all suffering in New Orleans and surroundings from Katrina, especially because some days before a similar disaster hit Western Austria and Switzerland. There are still some villages cut-off and can only by reached via Helicopters.

It is also not my task to criticize a foreign government, but I see some blogger colleagues doing so, e.g. Aswath in Is this America? and PhoneBoy in Our Government is Incompetent.

I can only wonder. Catastrophes happen, but

1. One should be prepared. Hurricans are nothing new and surprising in this area, and if you have a large city 7 m below sea level, you should look better for improved dykes and not cut funding in half. The Dutch can only shake their heads in astonishment. They are prepared very well, but of course this was very expensive.

2. At least two days before the disaster struck, the outcome was expected and evacuation was ordered. That many (poor) people having no transportation where left behind is also one item I cannot comprehend. There must exist buses and even trucks to move people out, if you want and need to.

3. There was also enough time (at least two days) to get help and rescue organized and at stand-by. But the army seems to be busy elsewhere. If an earth-quake hits say in Turkey unexpectedly, the next day rescue teams are flewn in from all over Europe. Rescue teams from Europe also helped immediately the next day in Asia after the Tsunami. Maybe it is time for the US to come down from the high horse and ask for help. They seem not to be able to handle this any longer on their own.

4. What is really embarrassing as a result of this situation is the degradation of law and order in these areas just going at this moment over the news. How desparate and insane can people get if they start shooting at rescue helicopters. This is unheard of. I also do not understand how a city under water can be set on fire.

I always considered the US a civilized and rich country. And how incompetent can a state and federal government get?

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