Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Me Too Two 

Ludvik expected more from me and I do not want to disappoint my readers, so I have to apologize, but I am currently still catching up from more than 5 weeks mostly off-blogging and also busy with other things ( I am NOT a full-time blogger, although some may have this idea). So I was not able to (beta)-test Google Talk myself, so I have no first hand experience. One reason is also that I had some disappointing experiences in doing so recently with other products.

Anyway, I scanned the following entries from my fellow bloggers and made up my mind (in alphabetical order as they appear in my newreader):

Skype vs. Google Talk
Google Talk
Google Talk
Google Talk
Google Walks into Telephony with Talk
Google's Jabber is alive, works with iChat AV
Google IM & VoIP - Google Talk is Live
Google Talk Skype Killer?
Google Talk Up and Running
Why Skype needs Google
Google Talk Launches: May the Federation(s) Begin
Google’s Own Client for Google Talk, and Mac Google Talk Info
Google Talk Test Drive
Google IM Now Out
GizmoProject To Link With GoogleTalk

I have not much to add to these comments.

Google talk is NOT SIP (yet), maybe in later versions as Andy points out.

I finally agree with Om, who tried it out:
Still, an hour or so later, I am wondering why I need another Voice-over-IM client, given that I don’t use the ones that I have right now as much.
So I saved an hour or so ;-)

And the discussion is going on and on:

Google Talk(s), But What Does it Say?
Enter the dragon
More about Google Talk
Google Talk: Another Quick Look
Google VoIP Day 2: Feeling a little let down
Google Talk Polygamy for multiple identities
Google Talk supports SIP, what does Skype do now?
Observations About Google From A Reader

Of course this hype is precisely monitored and measured by Skype Journal:
Google Talk Goes Blogosperically Viral

as it is shown here:

Thank you, Richard.
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