Wednesday, October 19, 2005

IMS Insider Blog 

Frank A. Coluccio pointed me to the IMS Insider Blog, in own words: part of a new service dedicated to commercializing the IP Multimedia Subsystem, especially to the entry on eBay + Skype = S(t)imulant for mass adoption of IMS? So it seems to be something like the Skype Journal for IMS.

I had not time to check out all postings up to now, only this one entry, but I am not sure if the missing t is a spelling mistake or not. To get a feeling about the blog, some citations:

What are the implications of the eBay/Skype on the telco industry? I don't think the financial analysts have quite got it yet. I also think this news could be a stimulant for faster IMS adoption.

I asked Dr Kenn Walters, Head of the IMS Practice at our parent company STL ( to give his view. ... Here's his take:

Ebay is a massively successful internet company based around online auctions and online payments systems. It has agreed to purchase Skype, which is a rather small, non profitable company specialising in VoIP and chargeable connections from VoIP to other telephone services. It's main assets are 54-60 million users.


The merged Ebay/Skype company needs to rapidly adopt IMS to allow the effective deployment of these new technologies and services. A successful implementation of an effective IMS strategy now becomes vital.

Now this seems to be the joke of the day. I cannot speak for EBay/Skype, but I would say, not before hell freezes over.

Maybe Mr. Walters has read the "Innovators Dilemma" and is now thinking IMS is a disruptive innovation related to Skype as incumbent, and they should downgrade their service to enter new markets.

Why should Skype adopt IMS and loose all the features they have now, features IMS may eventually implement some unknown time in the future. Currently the IMS community is completely busy specifying PSTN Emulation (or was it Simulation - or both), a step Skype simply jumped over.

It seems that S4 is more contagious then bird flu.

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