Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Surprise, Surprise, also the PSTN can fail 

Rich Tehrani is amused by what he is calling one of his most amazing blog entry: Southern California hit by a phone outage, also effecting 911 calls. The outage started at 2.20 AM in a Verizon central office in Long Beach. Cell phones worked and I assume so did VoIP ;-)

Yes, after a recent storm here, my copper phone line makes lots of scratchy noise. Happens after every heavy rain. The VoIP line is clear as a bell (no pun intended)!
Thanks for the: "My VoIP line is clear as a bell". I like this one.
We should also point out the following excerpt that was part of the story: "Long Beach activated its emergency operations center, and fire and police departments increased patrols to watch for problems, said Jeff Reeb, a spokesman for the Long Beach Fire Department."

Failure of PSTN in of itself is not news. Such a failure was anticipated and that is why there are contingency plans. In contrast, what does VoIP suggest: "Let them eat cake too." or Use a cell phone.
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