Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Know Your Enemy? 

I always enjoy reading the Herald Tribune, because it is one of the most enjoyable newspapers. I always start on the second to last page with the cartoons, then I move on to Bridge from Frank Steward, the funniest bidge column, and then to the business section. The Herald is quite often reporting on Internet and Telecom issues.

So again today in "Are Telefonica and KPN playing defense?"

The article is about a potential takeover of KPN by Telefonica. What I consider amusing here is a citation of Michelle de Lussanet from Forrester Research: "This is basically a defensive maneuver by two telecom companies who are increasingly threatened by Vodafone, France Telecom's Orange and Deutsche Telecom."

If this is the case, this reminds me of a pedestrian stepping back avoiding three bicycles to get run over by a truck from behind.

You better know your real enemies.

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