Tuesday, November 01, 2005

What is a Blog worth? 

I have it now "in writing", my blog is worth $26,533.38. This is calculated by a nice gadget, somehow derived from the Technorati ranking, for more information see here. So Martin Geddes blog is worth $71k, Jeff's blog is worth $94,278.18 and of course Om Malik's blog is worth $1.15m

How exact this calculation is one can see from the evaluation of James Enck's blog, which is worth nothing, as James points out. The reason is of course that James has no Technorati ranking.

What is the (market) price of a blog? Is there a blog exchange where you can buy and sell blogs? As long as not some idiot out there is willing to pay at least $25.000 for my blog, it is prizeless ;-)

Offers accepted ;-)

Or should I try it at EBay?

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