Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Breaking News: Rainer Muench (Alcatel SEL) elected ETSI TISPAN Chair 

Rainer Münch from Alcatel SEL in Stuttgart has just been elected at the mid-term plenary#9 in Sophia Antipoli chair of ETSI TISPAN, following Alain Roux. Rainer got 72% of votes, competing with former long-time TIPHON chair Helmut Schink form Siemens Munich.

I know Rainer very well and a fairly long time, both from his work in the various standard bodies, and also personally because his wife Monika "Wuppi" Wuppinger once worked for ÖFEG (one could say she was hi-jacked by Rainer, maybe not against her will, but definitely against ours ;-).

I think Rainer is an excellent choice for this job and I wish him good luck to get TISPAN back on track.

Congratulations Rainer (and Monika)

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