Sunday, November 27, 2005

Busy Days in Vienna 

After the busy ENUM Europe Summit in Frankfurt I flew back to Vienna on Wednesday evening with Michael Haberler and Robert Schischka, having an eye on Richard Shockey that he did not get lost on Franfurt airport. Rich was spending the rest of the week in Vienna.

Michael was showing around Rich in Vienna on Thursday, while I was busy in the office during the day and met co-blogger Andy Abramson and Helen for dinner. Andy is also currently travelling in Europe and just arrived from Nice. Andy loves excellent food and he is also a wine expert, so it was a very enjoyable and also interesting evening for me.

On Friday, ISPA (Internet Service Providers Association) took the chance having Richard Shockey and also TImothy Jasionowski from Nokia at the same time in Vienna and invited the locals to have an ad-hoc meeting with the two. I offered Andy to join in and he obviously enjoyed it, having a long conversation with Tim.

The session started with Richard explaining the locals ENUM in a nutshell ;-)

Tim continued with showing off the new Nokia 60-series phones with WiFi and SIP stacks built in, followed by a very interesting discussion..

The day ended after Tim's parents and Joanna joined with another dinner.

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