Saturday, December 03, 2005

Good Bye Skype 

Yesterday I tried Skype 2.0

Until now each new feature from Skype was a substantial improvement, both in quality and usability. So one could expect something from a jump from 1.4 to 2.0.

But since eBay has bought Skype, it seems that Skype has reached another Tipping Point.

But not in a positive sense. I think Ebay is destroying Skype. I have no idea why, is is stupidy, or purpose or both? Basically not my problem. Others will take over after Skype paved the way, and it may even be (standard) SIP again.

The goodies in Skype 2.0 are not very much:

The grouping of buddies has been claimed anyway for some time by the users, but this is a no-brainer and this alone is not so sensational to up-issue to 2.0

The new ring-tones?

A reader commented on Skype Journal New Skype Ringtones Revolt Coming, they sound like a wet fart. Exactly. Nothing to add here.

Self-expression? Sorry, did not find how to do this yet (this also is new in Skype)

See your contacts time zones? Ok, nice, but what if I am not at home. It should be the local time zone as some of us do by changing the profile name. Simply provide an input for location and time-zone and display it on the other side.

None of the above is important enough for 2.0

Uups, I forgot video (Freudian?), a feature people do not need or do not want since more then 40 years.

You can forget it.

I have no problem that the video quality is very bad. Basically I know how Henry or Michael may look in between pictures, even if I get a new picture only every second. (I do not need to see Henry at all, if I hear him, I know exactly how he looks like ;-)

But there is no excuse that using video degrades your voice quality severly, the first and major asset of Skype.

Even if this is still beta, I doubt that they will get this fixed soon. Seems to be a serious design problem.

Reconsidering the wet fart, they must do this on purpose. Or how stupid can you get?

Good Bye Skype, or as we say in Vienna: Und Tschüss.

Network speed is limited. If one program takes the bandwith. Others will slow. Skype use selfish way that take others bandwith, so it feels to have better voice quality. If that's a good way and all other software follow. Internet will become nothing just congestion. Try software that using open standard and controllable like vbuzzer instead whenever possible.
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