Thursday, November 24, 2005

ENUM Summit Europe 2005 

The last three days I was in Frankfurt at the IQPC ENUM Summit Europe 2005. Since my Internet connectivity was again somehow limited (no broadband in the Arabella Sheraton, except a T-Mobile WiFi in the lobby I did not even try, because T-Mobile hotspots do not work for me, so I was reduced to Vodafone UMTS), I stopped blogging. Another reason was that the three days where quite busy.

On Monday I gave again an ENUM Tutorial (the slides can be retrieved from here) and Jim Reid presented a quite useful DNS Tutorial.

The conference itself was two days. Approx. 50 participants showed up, only half the size of the May ENUM Summit in Miami. It seems that the awareness in Europe on ENUM and VoIP peering has not yet reached the same level like in the US.

Anyway, the audience and also the presentations where a good mix of manufacturers, operators and service providers, registries and regulators. The common consensus was that the conference was very useful and provided also a good possibility for networking.

I chaired the first day and also gave the first presentation. The keynote from Richard Shockey was reviewing the current status of RFC3761 and the re-chartering of the ENUM WG in IETF and a general view on the future of ENUM.

The rest of the day dealt with status reports and lessons learnt on ENUM in Spain, UK, Germany, Poland and Switzerland, so the audience got a excellent overview.

The second day, chaired by Rich Shockey, concentrated on ENUM, VoIP interconnection and implementation issues with presentations from Sipgate, XConnect, Nominum, Verizon, Netnumber and Evlolving Systems. It was closed by two presentations on security and privacy by Telio and Toplink.

I consider this as a very useful event and I am already looking forward for the next ENUM Summit in Spring in the US (date and site to be announced).

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