Tuesday, January 24, 2006


The European Telecommunications Platform (ETP) published a paper today On the technology, business models and regulatory aspects of NGN.

The ETP is a consultative body which was formed in Brussels on 4th February 1998, following the opening of the European telecommunications market on 1st January of that year.

It combines the Open Network Provision Co-ordination and Consultation Platform (ONP-CCP), founded in 1991, and the European Interconnect Forum (EIF), which during the run-up to liberalisation had both been advising the European Commission as representatives of the telecommunications industry.

The ETP deals with the needs of the European telecommunications market from the point of view of industry. Its remit includes: the European regulatory framework, its implementation, the converging communications sector, and the global information society.

The goals of the ETP are to promote self-regulation by the industry, encourage the ongoing development of competition and clarify operational and strategic business issues.

The published document on NGN analyses the Next Generations Networks along these lines, and although I do not completely agree with every detail, I consider this paper as a very valuable input to the current discussion within Europe regarding an update of the New Regulatory Framework and the current market definitions.

I will comment here after reading it in detail.

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