Sunday, January 08, 2006

Copy Protection Paradox 

Under the Christmas tree there where of course also some DVDs. I also got some. All of them played without any problem on our one year old Panasonic DVD player, except of course one of mine: QUEEN - Live at Wembley Stadium.

Ok, it started and played for some time, but after some minutes the picture got jerky and finally froze. I tried it on my laptop and it worked with PowerDVD direct from the DVD without any problem, but if I copied it on disk and run it from there, it crashed.

Since I did not want to watch the concert on my laptop, but on my TV, I used ShrinkDVD and copied it over to another DVD, which played of course without any problem on my Panasonic

So, the only way for me to watch a properly purchased DVD with copy protection is basically to break the copy protection and copy it.

Did I now violate any copy protection laws or not?

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