Wednesday, March 15, 2006

VON Day 0 - Other Innovations - or so 

Day 0 at VON ended with three Industry Perspectives.

The first was from Sprint on Hosted IP Centrex (is the a non-hosted IP Centrex?). Christine was already reporting on it, so I save some time. She is a bit curious about this, and so am I. I am also wondering about the out-sourcing of this service by Sprint to NGT (hosting of hosting?) and also who will buy this service if no connectivity is provided to customer applications, such as Outlook.

The second was innovative again, it was about the Sling Box. This is of course a must have gadget for road warriors. Since Jeff is really a fan of it, he is giving away a box to everybody visiting all sponsors at the exhibition. The only drawback for us Europeans is that we heard at the presentation that it is currently only available for NTSC - no PAL. How come that such innovative guys make such a simple mistake not to provide both standards immediately? BTW, also here a post from Christine is available already - how is she doing this?

The last presentation was from Bell-South on EoN - Everything on the Net.

This presentation confirmed the impression I got at the Fall VON 2005 in Boston from Bell South - they are heading full speed in the wrong direction, although the speaker (Hank Kafka) denied: IMS, walled garden and a proprietory application platform. Telltale was that although the title of the presenation was Everything on the Net, the Internet did not show up on any slide.

After some Sushi's, some glasses of red wine and some chats with old and new friends I am done for the day, looking forward for the Industry Perspectives of tomorrow.

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