Friday, June 02, 2006

Telio IPO 

I wanted to write about the Telio IPO today, but Jon Arnold provided all and more what I could potentially say already yesterday. See also James Enck, first as usual, and the press release of the Oslo stock exchange.

I suggest everbody to read the Investors presentation. It clearly shows the (short) history of Telio and the future plans. IMHO Telio is going on the right direction. They started with fixed line supplement and replacement (like Vonage), but are now moving to fixed/mobile converence and all IP.

It will also be interesting to see how their geographic expansion road-map (slide 32) will work out.

Hi Richard!

Jon Arnold here. Don't think I've seen you since Fall VON, as I couldn't get to VON Europe this year. Thanks so much for picking up on my post and the good words. Much appreciated. I'm sure Telio is more of a story in the EU, so I'm not that surprised to see you in the mix here. I'm disappointed to not see anybody other than myself pick up on this story among the North American bloggers. Mathew Ingram made a passing reference to my post, which was great, but not much else from what I can tell. Any support is better than none, so thanks!
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